Simple Actions (2021) - photo: Jesús Vallinas

Prize "Premios de la Crítica de Catalunya 2021": nominated for Best Choreography

One has always moved; one is born moving. One sees other bodies moving and learns to understand the sensation that those movements that one saw shelter. One walks and feels the sensation that had already imagined when seeing other bodies walking, before her. One learns to turn because one captures the energy that emanates from those who turn. One jumps, one falls, one touches, one embraces, one entwines… One sees a bird and can imagine what the bird feels when flying. But one cannot fly. One dances the first few times without knowing yet that what she is doing has a name. Then one sees people who move in wonderful ways. They seem to fly, they seem to spin forever, they seem to have legs that seem arms… Question: what is that? They answer: they are dancing. And then one knows that he also wants to dance, because he already feels what those other bodies are feeling but he wants to feel it even more, he needs to feel what is in those limits. There begins a path. You start practicing actions, steps, movements, positions, sequences. You don't think too much. You do, you repeat, you practice, you look for the angle, the way, sometimes you focus on the form and other times you trust the feeling. Then you get lost. You see yourself with all that and you don't really know what to use it for, how will it serve you. You have already seen some bodies filling those codes, challenging them, with all their strength and all their history and all their fatigue and all their fullness. You know they are there for everyone, they are also yours. You just have to find your way. What are you going to fill them with? Where to start?

video: Lucía Marote